Confirmation for Prepared Candidates who have completed our Program

St. David’s Parish has cancelled ALL scheduled First Communions and Confirmations.  Due to the uncertainty of the current situation, new Sacrament dates will be announced as soon as it is possible when church activities can resume.  In addition to our email notices, please visit the church website, for news and updates.  Please rest assured that 

children who have already registered, and have prepared and completed our sacrament preparation programs will receive their sacraments as soon as they can be given.

Confirmation for New Candidates, Grade 7 and Up

Information Meeting Dates for New Confirmation Candidates have yet to be determined.

Confirmation for Adults

Dates for Adult Confirmation Classes have yet to be determined. 

The adult instruction program is a minimum of 8 weeks of preparation. 

Typically, Adult Confirmations are administered at the Easter Vigil Mass.

Due to the uncertainty of these times, please visit this website in September to view if any updates have been made.  


1.     Ensuring your child attends weekly Masses.

2.     Ensuring your child attends all required parish classes & meetings as scheduled


 Both parents must sign consent forms for the Parish to administer sacraments. 

 Where consent of one or both parents is not available, the parish will require legal documents verifying legal guardianship, etc. 


 You will need to provide us with a valid email when registering your child as we often communicate through emails.


 To prepare to register your child for these sacraments, you will require a copy of your child's Catholic Baptism Certificate.

 This must be attached to the registration even if your child was baptized at St. David’s Parish.  

 It is recommended that you locate this certificate and prepare it for registration. 

 If you cannot locate it, then you will need to contact the parish of your child's baptism to request a replacement. 




(ENGLISH) (Children’s Mass) 5:30PM


(ENGLISH) 9:00AM, 12:00PM and 5:30PM (ITALIAN) 7:30AM and 10:30AM