First Communion--Pre-registration 



This is the first step to registering your child for this sacrament.  To finalize registrations, signed Parental consent forms (given to parents at the meeting in the church), a copy of the child's Baptism Certificate, and program fees will be required in the parish office no later than Monday, October 30, 2023.  This pre-registration will be cancelled if required documents are not received within acceptable timelines.  

First Communion Important Information Meeting (MANDATORY!!!)

Parent(s) & Child(ren) must attend one meeting to learn about this year's program.  You will select your preferred meeting time during this pre-registration.  If you cannot attend these dates you may send a representative who will share the information with you or contact Emily to see if alternate arrangements can be made 



Catholic, Public & Private school children will be required to complete our sacrament preparation programs to prepare for First Reconciliation, “We Prepare for Reconciliation” and First Communion, “We Share in the Eucharist”.   Parents will be teach their child at home the parish provided programs.  We offer an ONLINE class for children to assist parents who wish to use this option.


Catholic school children learn about our Catholic faith during the school day and DO NOT NEED to attend classes at the parish.

Public & Private (non-Catholic) school children  WILL NEED to learn more about our Catholic faith by completing additional catechism classes in the parish hall on either:

○Mondays:  4:15-5:45PM on Nov 6, 13, 20, Jan 15,  22, 29     OR    

○Saturdays  9:30-11:00AM on Nov 11, 18, 25, Jan 20, 27, Feb


Roman Catholic Baptism Certificate

Refer to your child's Baptism Certificate to complete this Registration form. 

Attached to the Registration/Consent form, a copy of the Baptism certificate will be required, even if your child was baptised at St. David's Parish.  (DO NOT EMAIL CERTIFICATES UNLESS REQUESTED!!!)  If the Baptism certificate cannot be located, parents must contact the Parish of Baptism for a replacement.


If your child has never been baptized or has not been baptized Roman Catholic.   We will contact you regarding requirements or eligibility to receive sacraments at our parish.


 Before you click on “SUBMIT”

  1.  AVOID duplicate registrations, by clicking SUBMIT only 1 time.

  2. CHECK that all information is accurate and complete.

This system does NOT email pre-registration receipts. 

Dates to Select

As it appears on his/her Baptism Certificate


Home Address
PARENTS' INFORMATION (as stated on Baptism Certificate)
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