First Reconciliation and First Communion Online Registration Form

1.  Please make sure all information provided is accurate and complete.

2.  Print a copy for your records (optional) before you click Submit.

3.  Click Submit only 1 time to avoid duplicate Registrations.

(Registrations will be verified with Paper Registrations.  

Any corrections will be made by office staff.)


To complete and finalize your registration, the following documents must be brought to the Parish Office no later than Wednesday, October 18, 2017. 

(Online Registrations received without Necessary documents by the deadline will be invalid & deleted.)

  1. COMPLETED Registration form found in your package (HANDWRITTEN).
  2. DECLARATION OF INTENT signed by both parents (found in your First Communion Package)
  3. BAPTISM CERTIFICATE (copy only)
  4. FEES--As Applicable and outlined on the Paper Registration form.  (Cash or cheque payable to Saint David's Parish)

As it appears on his/her Baptism Certificate


Home Address
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